Expedition to the Temple Of The Voice Of The Wind

Fish and Robots

Our story began when my business partner, Francisco, and I were going to meet Arvett, one of Francisco’s old friends who needed some help with something. When we got there, Arvett, wimp that he is, was crying in the corner of his office while goblins ransacked his library. We dispatched the goblins (I lit one on fire), calmed down Arvett, and went to a meeting at a local tavern/inn that served some rather delicious elven wine.
The meeting turned out to be bugged by this tiny clockwork thing serving an unknown master, which proceeded to scurry away. Francisco and I chased after the thing, and almost got killed by this giant clockwork monster, which targeted Francisco as he made an escape through the sewers. I chased after the monster, summoning a celestial eagle named Jerry to do the dirty work. We continued like this for some time. My business partner managed to escape the sewer into a fishermen’s warehouse, pissing off all the workers inside. I ended up stuck down there with the robot, which still was not attacking me for whatever reason. I ended up electrocuting it with the finite amount of water down there and my electric touch attack. Jerry went back to his celestial plane, and Francisco and I went to find dear old Arvett.
None of us had any idea what had happened, and we decided to join Arvett on his expedition to find the “Temple of the Voice of the Wind”, which appealed to me and wanting to understand my oracular mystery, which has to do with the powers of the wind. The ship was to leave the next morning. We ventured to the ship and found a guy that was dampening the gunpowder supply, and proceeded to kick his ass to the curb. Done with drama for the night, I got exceptionally drunk off of fine elven wine and ate a whole carton of Benhamiin and Jeremiah’s. I never did deal well with being on a ship…
We departed the next morning, and I did not come back above deck to say goodbye to the land: my colossal hangover prevented setting foot into the sun.
-Matyla Stormbringer


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