Alykas Soturi

Captain of Soturi's Bride- Veteran- Badass


Higher level Warrior
Uses Ivory handled flintlock pistol and longsword
Wears a breastplate


Captain Soturi, as he is known as, is a privateer who was hired by Arvett as transport and protection, and he is an accomplished fighter. He is a veteran of the Wild Wars, the wars fought against the Wild Elves and their druids, and he bears a massive scar as a result of these wars. He is tall, and has a nephew who accompanies him after the nephews mother died, however, the nephew died on an adventure. Captain Soturi frequently engages in fights, drinking, and gambling. He generally distrusts magic, and relies more on a pistol and good steel blade than such strange things. He is an accomplished traveler, and also is a good fighter. He has a strong moral code which he follows, and avoids killing unnecessarily.

Alykas Soturi

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