Arvett Rauk



Arvett disdains use of regular weapons, preferring to hang back and let others do the fighting, but when necessary he uses his handcrafted multipurpose wand, which has a number of abilities, including a force blast, silence circle, and more.


Arvett was born in Eratharhal, and stayed there almost his whole life, going to the College of Enchantment, where he learned not magic, but research and archaeology. He made a number of friends and acquaintances through his bumbling, and eventually became obsessed with the Temple Of The Voice Of The Wind. He had heard of this place in whispers at taverns, mentions in ancient epics, murals in ruins, and folklore from as varied places as wild elves and dwarves. Every year submitted a request for funding to research it, and he was declined every year, until recently his project was fasttracked by an unknown donor who fully funded it and apparently contributed to his research. He assembled a crew, hired a ship, and began on his journey to the mythical temple.

Arvett Rauk

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