Dimitrios Sclavrentios

Ancient Saurian Antipaladin-Scourge of Humans


Demon Armor
A massive black suit of armor which covers his whole body, and is built around his menacing claws with hooks all over the claws to tear flesh. The claws constantly trail smoke which smells of brimstone. The armor is covered with red runes.

Cruel Greatsword
A massive sword with spikes on the hilt, which seems to warp and menace those who stare at it, and drip purple ooze.

Dimitrios stands just over seven feet tall, with a bestial appearance. He is covered with scales, colored a dark green, except for his chest and stomach, which is light green. His arms are plated with strange bone growths on the outer part below the elbows, which are incredibly tough. His armor is built to show these. His legs are like a Utahraptor, giving him unnatural speed and huge claws on his legs, as well as on his four fingered hands. Across his head and neck is a massive frill which rises up when he is experiencing strong emotion, and is green and red. He is fast, strong, and dangerous, wielding dark magic and a greatsword with deadly efficiency.



Dimitrios Sclavrentios

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