Matyla Stormbringer

Elven Oracle of Wind and Courtesan


Off shore wind farm turbine
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Oracle with Wind mystery
Profession: Courtesan, Thief/Spy, Adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Preferred Weapons: Longbow, Short sword, Elven Curve Blade
Preferred Spells: Cure, Murderous Command, Summon Celestial Eagle


Matyla Eliza Stormbringer (born Matyla Tomlinson) is an elven oracle and courtesan born on Fekimdar, at the Bastion of Wisdom, where her late mother was priestess. She has a mystery related to wind, and can only speak and understand Auran in combat. She is small, even for an elf, with pale skin and a long, pointed face framed by long, raven black hair that seems to always be wind-tossed. There is a scar running down her arm from a near mistake in a thieving accident. She dresses elegantly and sensibly, usually in slim cut pants with a blouse and vest and tall boots under a long hooded cloak while out and about and not performing as a courtesan. She wears an amethyst and onyx pendant in the shape of an eagle that her mother gave her. She has one blue and one green eye that alternate colors when she uses magic or is in combat.
She rescued a human child, Eliys, during a demon attack and adopted her when her parents were killed. She plans on raising her teaching her the ways of healing and courtesanship.
In recent days, during the escape from the castle from hell, Matyla has taken a young and orphaned unicorn, Amalthea, as a companion. She has also become more ruthless and powerful after further exploring the depths of her mystery.
She has become rather skilled with the longbow and with the elven curve blade, but still prefers to electrocute enemies or light them on fire rather than directly confront them.

Matyla Stormbringer

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