Mechanically Enhanced Tengu Ranger


Class: Ranger
Race: Tengu
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 162
Profession: Private Cartographer, Plant Assassin, Mercenary, Falconer
Attire: Layers of faded tan robes with a hooded shawl, left wrist and legs wrapped in canvas strips.
Combat Style: Natural Weapons, Melee/Ranged
Weapons: Claws, Beak, Mechanical Arm with retractable blades and hidden crossbow.
Armor: Studded Leather concealed under robes.
Animals: Sandhawk


Born without knowledge of parents into a the Sharak tengu mercenary camp in the heart of the Oisham Desert. He grew up within a male society, with a spartan lifestyle and a daily routine of meditation and training without worldly influence. At age thirteen, a disaster of which he will not speak destroyed the camp one night, and he lost his right arm. He escaped into the desert, and was found by the cartographer Paraia, an old man who lived by the great mountain Kol. He regained his health in the company of Paraia, and worked as a cartographers assistant for the next eight years. Paraia grew old, and soon Tng’kaal was left alone to bury the old man. He made a grave beside the house, and left the place. Using the maps he had made with the old man, and the details of Paraia’s stories, he set off to look for the city of Kobol’Dar

He lived as a hobo on the city outskirts for a week, before finding hire as a blacksmiths assistant. He slept in the shop, in a dusty attic space, and was given a contract for a reward after two years of service. At the end of those years, he was given the mechanical arm by the master smith. It extended from his shoulder down, and was made of polished bronze. A traveling wizard connected the workings of the arm with his body and mind, and in return Tng’kaal was hired as a mercenary for the wizard’s caravan. He left the city, and began work as a hired soldier.

Over the years he worked as a caravan mercenary for many clients. He improved his mechanical arm with three retractable blades, and adjusted the clockwork to withstand extreme pressure. After a while, he returned to the desert, to live in the cartographers hut beside the mountain, and set out to finish Paraia’s work. While camping and mapping the summit of the great mountain, he came across a group of travelers, who emerged from a cave in the mountain. They called themselves the Expedition. They seemed painfully out of place in the desert, except the large orc. He seemed alright.

Tng’kaal still holds a passion for cartography, and a life-time goal to map the Oisham Desert. He has acquired a sandhawk, and is in the practice of falconry. He much enjoys smoking tobacco and Jungle Coffee, both of which he has stockpiled from the various trade caravans. He is not a fan of ships, or the ocean for that matter. He also hates nature with a passion, due to it’s foreign nature in the desert, and a childhood incident with a cactus.

By now, he has accumulated a series of engraved tattoos in his beak and claws. They include a thin band to signify his coming-of-age in the camp, a compass for Paraia, a tribal engraving to signify strength, and the most recent being a panther beneath a shining sun-gem. He also has engraved hash-marks into his mechanical arm, each one representing a cacti he has killed.


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